Apr 21, 2014

Monday Madness

How was your Easter weekend? I am off work today as well since Easter Monday is a holiday over here too, but since I´m feeling under the weather with a sore throat, I just lay low and hope I don´t come down with the flu (knock on wood).

That won´t keep me from Monday Madness of course. So here are your links, excuse me while I am binge-watching Hart of Dixie for the rest of the day :)

Have a lovely start to your week, everyone:

Pink and Blue rooms. Wow!

• Grab a lemon and do this. `Nuff said.

30 Beauty Commandments to live by!

Strawberry Basil Mojito and Sangria Mocktail. Double yum.

• Black + White + Mint = Perfect Dress!

Rizzoli - The Most Beautiful Bookstore in NYC. Sigh.

Happy Birthday, Grace Coddington! Lovely read.

• And last but not least this amazing giveaway by BlogMilk (Ana designed Spunkyrella´s makeover too!), you can´t miss. A whole makeover including branding, development and installation, worth a whopping $1500!

>> Question everything. Learn something. Answer nothing. <<
- Euripides

(Image via Flax & Twine)

Apr 18, 2014

SBQL #7 - A Song, A Book, A Quote, A Look

Happy Friday!
I´m in the midst of getting rid of clutter in my apartment and it´s a glorious feeling, I have to say. No plans for the Easter weekend over here but I am just happy to unwind for three days and enjoy good food, fresh coffee and maybe the first spoon of ice cream this season, who knows?

Here are my favorites this month. Enjoy and share yours if you like.

A floral skirt and a white crisp shirt is a look right up my alley and those pink touches don´t hurt either. Oh, spring where are you?

I stumbled upon Tori Kelly´s music the other day and quickly got into it. Especially her song  Confetti - "People seem to think you´ll be happier, once you reach the top, you´ll have it all. But I´m living for right now, cause what if tomorrow never comes. I´m not waiting for the confetti to fall...."

Girls compete with each other, women empower one another... This is more true than ever, don´t you think?!

Fly Solo: The 50 Best Places on Earth for a Girl to Travel Alone is one of my favorite books. I got it years ago with a second copy for my best friend in high school. It still makes me all wanderlusty whenever I pick it up!

What is your SBQL right now?

// SBQL is an original blog series by Jenna Antonelli. We gather here monthly to keep the SBQL spirit alive. //

Apr 17, 2014

What´s in a name?

 photo abcs_zps379b2799.jpg

My friend Romy just had her second daughter - Emma Charlotte - and, after having their first girl, she and her husband struggled to find the perfect name. I am always curious to find out the actual meaning of a name and while I was researching Emma´s meaning, I came across this recent article on Thought Catalog.

36 people reveal the one baby name that makes them want to punch someone´s face. Wow. That´s quite a harsh thing to say, I thought, but then of course I wanted to see for myself and read through the list. I cringed, I laughed, my jaw dropped...

After my aupair year in New York and numerous years of babysitting under my belt, I can totally relate to some of those examples. When I was living in Brooklyn with my baby boy Jonah back in the day, I came across numerous little girls named Nevaeh (yes, that´s heaven spelled backwards), it was a huge thing back then and it seems like it still is, according to the cringe list.

Apr 16, 2014

Pink Lips For Spring

I just realized it´s Wednesday. And on Wednesday we wear pink, right?!

Do you like to wear a bold color on your lips? There´s something about bold pink that just gets to me. It looks polished and fun and is perfect for spring because it makes me already dream about summer, ha!

I have been raving about Korres´ Pomegranate Lip Butter already in the past and I still love it. Still I feel like I should invest in a more velvety real lipstick for once, that will last all season long.

My top choices above are Bobbi Brown´s Neon Pink, Flower Kiss Stick Set me Freesia, Josie Maran´s Carnation Pink and Tom Ford´s Ravenous Lip Color Shine.

What´s your favorite?

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Apr 15, 2014

The most romantic place in Europe

The locals call it Tunnel of Love and according to Travelbook it´s one of those secret travel tips for couples. Where do you think it is located? Hint: It´s neither in France or Italy. Any guesses?

Apr 14, 2014

Monday Madness

Lovelies, how´s your Monday going so far?
Mine is nearly over and I plan to snuggle up and relax tonight. I was planning to sleep in this weekend but I totally forgot about the Vienna City Marathon yesterday and since I am not living far from the trail, there was no escaping the noise. Oh, boy. But I stop whining right now and suggest we get right into this weeks links, okay?

Alexander Wang x H&M! YES! Mark November 6th in your calendars, ladies!

• Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence together again! If this is a thing now, we like it :)

Spring Onion Fritatta, anyone?

• Welcome to Glamour Magazine: 6 Reasons Cindi Leive would hire you!

Hair perfection. ´Nuff said.

•  K e e p  g o i n g.  Must read. Must!

• Easy White. Thumbs up!

5 Habits of Happy People. Agreed!

• Check out these tipsy glasses. Ha!

• Fancy some DIY Lemon Lavender Candles?

>> You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.<<
- Mae West

(Photo via remain simple)

Apr 10, 2014

What inspires you these days?

Today was one of those dragging days at work where nothing seems to work out and outside it was rainy and quite chilly. So I did what you do on those days, I turned to Instagram for a little pick-me-up and came across the breathtaking photos of yoga instructor Laura Kasperzak and her four year old daughter.

Stunning, don´t you think? These literally made my day and also inspired me to get my lazy ass going. Ever since my Hashimoto diagnosis, I planned to focus on daily stretching again to keep my joints limber and smooth and eventually I´ll be able to get back into real exercise mode soon. I didn´t so far because I was afraid my joints would start to hurt again but I should have known better.

Light stretching, as in yoga poses like the sun salutation, are just what the doctor ordered, quite literally. I feel great thanks to Laura and Mini!

So if you´re up for a little inspiration, follow Laura´s amazing Instagram feed here. Any IG profiles you turn to for a little afternoon pick-me-up these days? What motivates you to get out of your rut?

(All images courtesy of laurasykora)

Apr 9, 2014

Don´t shave the yak!

Every year around springtime I happen to pick up a favorite book of mine and re-read it again, just in time for a much needed emotional spring cleaning as I like to call it. I am talking about Karen Kingston´s Clear Your Clutter with Feng Shui. Have you ever read it?

It usually already hits me only a few pages in and I start to re-arrange and let go of stuff in my home (and my heart). I do consider myself to be fairly organized and neat when it comes to my home. I am not a hoarder but once a year, as soon as I start reading, I get rid of stuff. Tons of stuff which always makes me wonder if I might actually be a secret hoarder!

Right now, after a particularly hard time, I feel stagnant and don´t feel home in my own home anymore. Due to Karen, summarized, it´s because of stuck energy due to clutter. I am not going all esoteric on you because, frankly, I don´t believe in that stuff myself. But Space Clearing and getting rid of your clutter? Guys, that stuff works every time! Guaranteed. And for me, that´s all I need to know whatever the reason for that might be.

Have you ever decided or wished to change something major in your life like switching jobs or even careers, ending a relationship, moving cross-country?

The funny thing is, it´s sometimes extremely hard or even impossible to do unless you let go of your baggage. If you´ve ever been there, you know that´s not that easy but starting to clean your home - start with your bedroom or office for example - bit by bit helps you to focus and the cleaning process releases energy and helps you to get closer to your goal.

If you´re happen to be a pro in procrastinating, I have to ask, have you ever heard about Seth Godin´s Don´t shave the yak theory?

Read all about it here, but summed up it means that sometimes you really REALLY want to finish a task but then you can´t because of something else that needs to be done in order to finish task one and so on and so on and in the end you might be shaving a yak (which makes more sense, if you read his original post!).

So basically, don´t say you will fix the bookshelf today but then you don´t because you just realized that your brother borrowed your tools two months ago but you can´t get them from him now without returning his favorite sports jersey, which you accidentally happened to ruin with a wine stain.... etc. Just fix that shelf and make it work....

... and read that book, already :)

(Photo via I love my rug)

Apr 8, 2014

The Spunkyrella Ohhhmelette!

My friend Sara and I met through blogging a while ago and to get to know each other better we started to ask each other random questions over email every other week. One of them was something like: Imagine you´re a contributor of a Blogger´s Cookbook. What would be your signature dish?

I knew right away that I have to go with my infamous love for eggs and therefore my signature Ohhhmelette. It´s the perfect combination of protein and veggies, of healthy and savory. You can have it for breakfast, weekend brunch, a late lunch on busy days or even for dinner. It´s easy peasy to make, I don´t even whip it up in a separate bowl. I just toss two eggs, tomatoes, baby spinach and sometimes a bit of turkey in a small frying pan and spice it up with garlic powder, sea salt and a good dose of dried chili flakes. And because I like it to be a little bit crispy on the edges, I just leave it a little bit longer in the pan. Maybe a minute or two. Done!

Would you try it?

Oh, and Sara picked broccoli cheddar soup to be her signature dish.

What would you contribute to the Blogger´s Cookbook? Please tell.

Apr 7, 2014

Monday Madness

As we´re diving into another week of the already fourth (!) month of this year, all I can think of these days is, how fast time is flying by. Seriously, think about it! Wasn´t it only yesterday when I was prepping Christmas dinner? And now spring is fast approaching. It´s insane!

I might not have a lot of bright moments lately (thank you, brain fog!) but this was surely one of them. So while I was enjoying my Sunday chill out yesterday, I thought it´s time for a clean slate. Out with the old, in with the new, a fresh breeze if you will. Just in time for spring!

This week is all about new beginnings on Spunkyrella. Pampering ourselves a little more, refreshing our lazy attitude (or is it just me?) and making fun plans. Are you in?

But first, links:

• The How I Met Your Mother finale really got to me. Reading this sweet interview with Josh Radnor helped though :)

Take a peek! #officeobsessed

• Where to eat in Copenhagen. ´Nuff said.

• There is a Minnie Mouse in all of us. Proof!

Remembering The O.C. Can´t believe it´s been 10 years already!

• Ten uses for this Wild Rose Balm. Love this.

Matcha Vanilla Smoothie, anyone?!

• Adding this book to my massively expanding must-read pile!

• And American Blogger, the trailer.

>There are always flowers for those who want to see them.<
- Henri Matisse

(Photo by Robert Hahns via Highsnobiety)

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